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CEE Media is an international publishing company producing commercial real estate magazines in Europe and the Asia Pacific Regions; CEE Media has Central & Eastern European Real Estate
Guide (CEEREG) and Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate (APREG).

CEEREG coverage in four annual magazines is distributed at all of the major European property
fairs since 2001 with an 80,000 circulation among the continent’s main property players, published in English and encompasses the major market sectors of significant interest.

In 2005 CEEREG began to organize property conferences around the world, inviting top regional
and international partners to provide a platform for a profound networking experience.

CEEREG Newsletter is published each week covering the key stories in the region’s real estate
market and is ebroadcast to over 10,000 individuals and companies around the world. provides comprehensive and up-to-date news, information and analysis on the commercial real estate markets and related industries.

Through our publications, electronic media and conference / awards events we cover Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

Country coverage includes the newest members of the EU; Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In addition we cover Southeastern Europe; Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, Serbia-Montenegro, Turkey and Slovenia. To the east we cover Russia, CIS and Ukraine.

Our magazines cover sectors in office, logistics, retail, hotel and investment.
The Real Estate Guide
The Commercial Property Guide
The Investment Guide
The Retail Guide

APREG magazines are published four times a year. The publishing dates and  the content correspond with the major fairs in the Asia Pacific & European Regions. weekly newsletter provides a quick-read format of current CRE top stories each week to industry professional throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our Goals and Core Values: CEE Media International Publishing, Conference & Event organizers will offer to our clients the opportunity to market, build image and awareness as well as gain maximum exposure through our unique products and services to foster and create a professional business atmosphere whereby CRE professionals and sponsors alike find the most informative environment to gain market share and gain institutional knowledge.

We accomplish this with a unique “hands-on” approach of distributing exclusively to the CRE industry through a network of conferences, fairs and events.

At CEE MEDIA we are committed to this end and we will make every effort to promote these values while partnering with our client in a sponsorship or advertising role. Our clients will have top priority in terms of time, exposure and opportunity through each of our events, conferences and publications.

For more information contact:
Business Director and Member of the Board
Bert Figearo at:
Warsaw Trade Tower (25th Floor)
ul. Chłodna 51, 00-867, Warsaw Poland
CEE Media Sp o.o.
Phone: +48 22 528 1982; Fax: +48 22 528 1981