Company Overview

REIDIN is the leading real estate information company focusing on emerging markets.

REIDIN helps real estate professionals access hard to get real estate data and information in a timely and cost effective basis by providing them intelligent and user-friendly information solutions.

REIDIN Data & Research and Technology Teams together with a global network of Information Partners endeavors to provide high-end real estate analysis and research support.

Among REIDIN’s clients are Real Estate Developer, Banks, Mortgage and Insurance Companies, Agents/Brokers, Appraisal Firms, Consultancies and Government Agencies.


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  • • Access detailed property listings and price information;
  • • Search a vast property and projects database;
  • • Uncover property price and sales trends;
  • • Better location and neighborhood assessment;
  • • Acquire local intelligence and make comparisons;
  • • Protect your investments with access to precise information;
  • • Advanced search, analysis and mapping tools;
  • • Fully archived data sets;
  • • Check the networking events/conferences;

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