Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your Occupancy Rates?

Unless specified as being from one of our 3rd party data providers this information is collected by our Data team through mystery shopping and building surveys.

Where do you get your transaction data?

From transaction registries of governments, from real estate agents and public sources. To ensure transparency we always source every deal

What can Transactions help us with?

Transactions will provide the actual Property size, Type, Transaction Type, Location, and Building names for comparables.

Where do you get your listings?

We aggregate over 250 thousand listings per month from local listing sites providing they meet certain criteria we have developed to ensure reliability of content.

Can we have more data on retail and retail leasing?

Retail RE is a sector we cover and working on gathering more data from multiple sources. But the process is slow due to fundemantals of the Retail RE contracts.

Where do you get your Building Data?

REIDIN combines Desktop Research with local field teams, we also receive mass data from real estate developers and property data providers.

Who are your source of data and information?

REIDIN has built an unrivalled and continuously growing network of local and international information partners, complemented by local data collection teams. Our third party data comes from sources including local and national Government entities, Developers, Property Management Companies, trade press and news Publications, listing sites, research houses, brokerages and consultancies  in addition to our local field Data Teams.

Where do you get your Project Data?

Our research teams combine diverse project information from multiple sources into a single user friendly project profile to which we link appropriate information regarding sales, relevant parties and so on – this data is aggregated from public sources, relationships with developers, and 3rd party data providers specializing in local markets such as Middle East Tenders, Projects Today, Soufun and so on.