Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate your occupancy rates?

We combine site visits by our field data teams with secondary sources which include Property managers, Developers and agents.

What are the prices and indices Time series based on?

In case when both transactions as well as listings are present for the particular area, both are taken into account for indices calculations. In absence of transaction data only listings are used to compute the indices. In case of not sufficient listings and transactions then valuations are included.

How do you calculate your Indices and Sales/Rental Prices?

Prices are calculated through a mixture of several sources, we gather the prices through mystery shopping.

How do you get GLA? As well as No. of units?

By field surveys, desktop research and mystery shopping. We constantly connect and work with property managers , agents, developers to get this information. In some cases we calculate the overall GLA of a building by multiplying the GLA of typical floor with the number of habitable floors if no information is available from the relevant parties.