Frequently Asked Questions

How are the listings cleaned and filtered? How are duplications treated? E.g. are listings repeated if the source lists it on different days?

We have filters like minimum & maximum rental, minimum & maximum size. This eliminates bogus listings (AED 1 for rent etc) and typo errors( like instead of AED100,000 rent shown as AED 1,000,000  for 2 bedroom apartment)Same area, same size, same day, same building properties are considered duplicates & taken once. Also for the calculation of the indices and other price data points we use the price/sqft as the data point not the sales/rent price of a unit/property.

Is the data from 3rd party sources verified and how?

Data from 3rd Party Sources are verified at the source level but not at the individual data points level. We show extra attention to the quality and accuracy of the data from the Information Sources/Partners. Our Information partners are well respected and market leaders in their respective fields. This adds to our data credibility.

Can you elaborate on your quality control methods?

Utmost care is taken starting from gathering, cleaning and presenting the data from multiple sources.We make best possible effort to gather & display that the data in  this opaque market. Data is collected through field surveys, internet research & third party sources. These multiple sources not only helps in extensive data gathering but also cross verifying the information. However some errors may be there because of human element. We actively seek feedback for users both internal & external to add more data and improve the current data.

Who collects REIDIN's data?

Primary data collection is done by our Data Team using site visits combined with desktop research, while data and content from our information partners such as reports, news, time series and transactions are automatically received by our servers according to the respective partnership agreements.

How reliable is that data you get from your Data Team?

We use best efforts to ensure every data point collected from by REIDIN data teams is accurate and verified.  Using field agents allows a greater degree of accuracy, especially when combined with desk bound research using REIDIN's relationships with developers and market participants.

Occupancy figures have anomalies, e.g. occupancy for Business Bay is too high. Please explain!

In our system Business bay includes Downtown Burj Khalifa. Hence, the overall occupancy of Downtown Burj Khalifa is high and as it is included in Business Bay occupancy rates, overall Business Bay occupancy rate comes high.

If prices and indices are based on listings, how do you address the fact that listings data is not the actual figure but the asking price?

Indices are very good indicators to measure the change in prices. Hence, they show the market  trend. Asking prices and the transaction prices are positively correlated. The indices are tools used to analyze the trends in the market. This is widely excepted by academicians worldwide that if there are enough listings (listed by agents, individuals, etc. through paid listings services) in a data pool, listings data can be a strong indicator of the price trends in a given area, neighbourhood, district, city or country.