Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your listings?

Turkey, Hong Kong, and UAE are updated daily with other countries updated weekly or monthly.

How often do you update your transaction database?

Dubai Focus data is updated on a daily basis, as are transactions sourced in core markets. Our data teams also extract transaction information from 3rd party sources as soon as is reasonably practical after publication.

The data in projects section is not very updated. I have to take info from other sources to supplement it. Can we have more updated data on projects and their status?

Project data has been provided by a 3rd party data partner. Unfortunately this data has not been properly updated by this source lately. We are working on finding a good project data source to replace it at the moment. In Dubai we update the projects data every 6 months. Our main focus is though Building level data. 

How often do you update your Property Profiles?

Offices are updated on a quarterly basis while Residential and Shopping Centers are updated semi-annually.

How often do you update your Project Profiles?

We update them semi-annually but provide more frequent update to a specific project on request.

Can we have more info on Emaar & Nakheel Projects?

We capture the entire portfolio of the major developers, however it might take some time to reach a particular project. We normally don't do project level data gathering on the ground surveys level. Our focus is more on the ready properties/buildings. However we will priortise any data request coming from our client.