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8G Capital Partners and The Hotel Solutions Partnership announce formation of a strategic ...

March 26, 2012 · EuropaProperty

8G Capital Partners, the private equity real estate and advisory firm (8GCP) and The Hotel Solutions Partnership Ltd (HSP) have announced the formation of a strategic joint venture to meet the need for hotel and leisure workouts in Central and South Eastern Europe.

The joint venture will focus on assisting banks in CE/SEE to maximise the recovery value of hotels and leisure assets. As liquidity is moving away and into the core European markets, a workout may be a bank’s only option to maintain the value of a hotel asset and maximise its exit value once market conditions have improved.

Tassos Kotzanastassis, Managing Director of 8GCP said: “We are delighted to expand our workout capabilities through the joint venture with HSP. The partnership is based on 8GCP’s founding principle – to put real estate to work - and allows us to offer workout advice and execution on all real estate asset classes to our clients in the Banking and Private Equity sectors.

Ian Graham, CEO of Hotel Solutions Partnership said: “We are pleased to be teaming with Tassos and his team at 8GCP; working together we are able deliver wide ranging actionable advice enabling a lender or borrower to realise more than they had imagined with distressed hotel assets. Our teams of hotel industry experts will dig deep and wide into the specific issues in each property so that we provide advice that is more valuable than had been expected.”
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